The Problem

Report by OECD

The Economic growth and energy demand will produce a constant increase of particles and CO2 in the environment.


The air contamination could contribute to 6-9 million premature deaths (The World Health Organization (WHO).

Save the children

Bronchitis cases in children could rise from current 12 million cases per year to 36 million per year by 2060.


The cost of premature deaths is the cause of alarming numbers of premature deaths, and serious impacts on human health.

Effect on companies

The Health deterioration as result of Air pollution could cause 3,750 million work day lost .

Climate change

Sea level, patterns of infectious disease, air quality, and the severity of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and storms.

About us


BIOMECHATRONICS founders have studied the ability of algae photosynthesis to remove Carbon and Nitrogen Oxides, as well as Particulates Matter from the air and generate Oxygen and Biomass.


As result of the this research, a variety of Algae with high photosynthesis cycle has been developed. The team has also developed devices to cover different the needs to clean the air, from single spaces to high emission industries.

Meet Our Members


Carlos Monroy

Funder & Chief Executive Officer


He has a been involved in environmental endeavors and has clear and deep vision of the advantages of applying disruptive technologies to climate and environmental challenges


Gustavo Sanchez Reulet

Program Manager and Business Strategist


He has +22 years of experience in businesses related to innovation, information technology, business processes, internet, fintech, business intelligence and data management in local, regional and global projects


Orlando Monroy

Communications & Public Relations


He leads the Communications and Public Relations Department, is the Spokesperson in charge of passionately communicating new technologies and ongoing projects to the world


Diego Adrian

Co-Funder & Technical Major


He is an important part of the area of research, innovation and development of the company. Inspired by participating in the solution of major environmental problems,


Years of Exp


Projects Designed




Award Winning

Development Lines

Smart cities


The BioUrban air purification system, designed for transforming various pollutant compounds such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, PM (10 and 2.5) in Oxygen and biomass of the natural process of photosynthesis carried out by the species of microalgae developed for the company BiomiTech .

Gas Stations


The Biocov´s unit was designed with the end of capturing and removing diverse types of Volatile Organic Compounds coming from the vapor emissions produced by the fuel storage tanks of the service stations.


High Impact Biofilter

The High Impact Biofilter is an air purification system designed for low/medium emission industries with the aim of transforming pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter in Oxygen and Biomass. The system can be adapted according to the specifications and size of the industrial chimney in specialized projects.

We revolutionize technology by strengthening

a link with nature to reduce environmental pollution.

Latest News

MIT Technology Review recognizes Airfox CEO Victor Santos as a top young innovator in the world under the age of 35.

Innovative people under 35.

Winner in the “Humanitarian” category for biomitech company, an air bio-filtration system that keeps microalgae alive even in extreme weather conditions

Daniel Abt, Lucas di Grassi

E-Prix 2020: Visiting BioUrban

Before the ABB Formula E Mexico City E-Prix, Daniel Abt and Lucas Di Grassi had a look at an exciting company developing artificial trees


LATAM AWARDS 2018 Winner

Mexican technology BioUrban is the winner of the 2018 Latam Edge Awards