For smart Cities We Develop BioUrban 

What We Develop

BioUrban is a system of bioremediation of pollutants such as CO2, CO, NOx, PM 2.5 and PM 10, as well as total suspended particles which are the principal cause of air quality contamination.

What Inspires Us?

We develop BioUrban to decrease the rate of environmental pollutionand the number of diseases related to it. We seek development of solutions, based on a Circular Economy principle.

Working Hard

Our innovative team, in collaboration with various companies and research centers, designed, patented and developed BioUrban: a biomimetic technology for cleaning air pollutants.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are passionate to fight for the preservation of the planet and and develop technologies inspired by nature.

Our Mision

We want to provide spaces free of atmospheric pollution*to improve quality of life for people, and reduce respiratory diseases.

Core Values

Respect for the environment

Empowerment and learning.

Constant innovation

We revolutionize technology by strengthening a link with nature to reduce environmental pollution!

Frequently Asked Questions?

What type of pollutants does it capture?

Our biourban technology is designed to capture the main gases that affect air quality. Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). We have certified our technology under strict standards in Europe and Mexico.

What is your purification capacity?

Depending on the product, our technology has the capacity to capture around 2 to 130 tons of CO2 per year. One of the trees that captures the most CO2 is a specie of pine with a capacity of 48 kg of CO2 per year. Our products could capture CO2 that would be captured by 41 to 2,708 trees.

How does the microorganism filter function?

Our patented technology is designed to trap the largest amount of air pollutants and the trapped CO2 is degraded by microalgae, which with the help of sunlight and artificially provided is transformed into oxygen and microalgal biomass. This biomass will be used as raw material in the generation of energy in subsequent processes.

How often does it require maintenance?

Biourban equipment requires maintenance supplied by the company on an average of 3 to 6 months. During this process, the generated biomass is recovered and sent to a processing center where various high-value by-products can be obtained, such as fertilizers, biofuels and energy.

Does this product replace trees?

We respect nature and we never want to replace trees. We develop technology to transform urban spaces where it is difficult to plant trees. It is important to say that each BioUrban project is reinforced with reforestation projects. We want nature to see us as an aid in its fight against pollution.

Upcoming Products


Bio Parking

We know that sustainable personal transport for excellence is the bicycle. We adapt BioUrban technology to bicycle parking lots to guarantee not only the safety of the vehicle but also the quality of the air.


Capture PM 2.5 AND PM 10: Filter up to 85%.

CO2, CO and NOx capture: 2 ton / year.

Equipment maintenance: Every 3 to 6 months.

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Bio Bus Stop

People are exposed to poor air quality while they are waiting for the bus, with Bio Bus Stop we are looking to provide a safe space for people who need to travel long distances and need to wait for their bus transportation.


Capture PM 2.5 AND PM 10: Filter up to 85%.

CO2, CO and NOx capture: 2 ton / year.

Equipment maintenance: Every 3 to 6 months.

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Bio PlayScreen

Advertisements are everywhere and are a cause of visual pollution in our cities and we believe they must contribute to the environment, so we decided to adapt our technology to facilitate a sustainable medium for advertising.


Capture PM 2.5 AND PM 10: Filter up to 85%.

CO2, CO and NOx capture: 2 ton / year.

Equipment maintenance: Every 3 to 6 months.

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